From English food to Cider or the real Union Jack

Made In England is an online supermarket. We ship within Belgium and to neighbouring countries such as the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and France.

In our assortment you will find everything from hot beverages and soft drinks, crisps, chocolate and sweets to typical English pies, mushy peas, cold and hot sauces and desserts. Anything is possible as long as it's English! 

We can also supply fresh or frozen products but we would ask you to order in advance and also to collect your goodies at Heultjedorp 36 in Westerlo.

Are you looking for a real Union Jack, the famous British flag?
Even then we are your perfect match. We work with several wholesale suppliers in the UK and can therefore always offer the most competitive prices, while maintaining the highest quality.
We make regular trips every three weeks to England in search of new products and to supplement our current stock. After all, we try to offer the best quality, the longest shelf life, ... and follow the latest trends in the UK.

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You can find our details on the contact page.

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